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Construction Traffic Control Plan

On June 16th, 2020, the department of transportation of Los Angles City (LADOT) issued the “LADOT Transportation Assessment Guidelines Addendum-Hillside Developments”, require “Construction Traffic Management Plan” (CTMP) for all hillside development projects in narrow roadways of less than 24 feet in width.

Applicant/developer should work with Department of City Planning to collection information on the other known development actives within a one-half mile radius of the project site.

Further more, CTMP needs to address following design elements and measures:

● safety features (warning & regulatory signs, channelizing devices like cones or other delineators,
guard rails, barriers, changeable message signs, etc.)
● flagger control
● temporary parking restrictions
● reduction in the construction duration
● minimize the time that construction vehicles are parked in the public right‐of‐way
● detours
● sidewalk and street lighting needs
● designing for appropriate vehicular speeds and sight lines
● employee staging (off‐site parking) and shuttles
● on‐site parking
● coordination with other construction sites in the area
● consideration of additional measures in Very High Fire Severity Hazard Zones

The terms of the Traffic Management Plan should be imprinted on all plans reviewed by the Department of Building and Safety, provided and required of any contractor(s), and included in the engineering notes of any street use permits that may be required by StreetsLA (Bureau of Street Services). Please note that this requirement is now in effect and will be included in the upcoming update of the LADOT Transportation Assessment Guidelines.


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